About Me

AML Creative was founded by Adam Manikus Lew (AML), a graduate from UMass Amherst who saw a wave of new creatives arising amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  With his degree in finance, Adam understood that this creative industry is a business and it takes more than just talent to succeed.
  AML Creative is a creative agency offering photography, video, and website and graphic design services.

About Me

I am Adam, the founder of AML Creativea a Melrose Massachusetts based photographer, videographer, and web designer.   I really have a self-starter, do it yourself attitude and find that many of my clients are the same way.  I am here to help your entrepreneurial venture grow and flourish and make sure you look good while you do it.  





Where I've Worked

  1. I’ve worked at a Millyz show
  2. I’ve photographed a WRBB 104.9 Radio Interview
  3. I’ve photographed a DJ Sterling Gold radio interview